The logo design process

I wanted to write a post to show the process of a logo project from concept to completion.

I am demonstrating this using my own logo for Mad Rabbit Solutions.  In the beginning, I knew I wanted a cartoonish logo with a menacing glare.  I also knew I wanted a main icon image with text underneath, so that kept my concept ideas a little lower than some other projects where such things are not known so well in advance.

I start out with pencil sketches, as with every project, of several different concept ideas.  As for rabbits, the ears are vital and because of the name “Mad Rabbit”, the expression of the rabbit also is vital.

My first challenge was to make the rabbit look angry, but not “too” angry.  This proved to be a bigger challenge than I had anticipated.  My first few sketches were a little too “evil” looking.  So, I had to keep walking the thin line between mad and evil.  Here are a couple of the concepts that leaned toward the evil side that were discarded.

My next venture was to try to simplify the shapes with keeping an overall circular icon shape.  I liked this in the beginning but as I developed it more, I thought it look too much like a dog.  I think it was the nose.  Here is that idea from a pencil sketch to vector artwork:

Next I really simplified it!  I thought the above design was too complex so I wanted to make it simple, which I did.  But in the end I didn’t like that the rabbit still didn’t look mad enough.  These were roughs made in vector format with some color.

I even threw in a “spartan-esque” logo as I am a fan of the Spartan history.  However, it did not work as a Mad Rabbit Logo for me.  I just had to include it in this post  because I get a laugh every time I look at it.  Something about it is funny to me.  ( must be the teeth )

Here are a few more concepts that did not make the cut:

I did begin getting on the right track with this sketch.  This one got me going with a straight-on design within a circle enclosure.

I liked this but I wanted to see the whole face of the rabbit to fully get the “mad” expression.  So it led to this one.

Which led to more development…

That last sketch resulted directly into the actual logo after careful color choice & artwork completion.

I hope you gained some insight from this blog post.  I plan on doing this for plenty of future logo and other projects that I perform.  I always thought it was interesting to see how these designs start out and find out what really made it click.    Here, again is my final finished logo: