About the

Hi, I am Dan McDonald, founder and owner of Mad Rabbit Solutions. On this website, you will find my graphic design portfolio as well as a blog that illustrates many of my designs and how the final designs came to be. I have a passion for graphic design and all things creative. My wife and I love to travel and we try to go to as many different places as possible. In addition to designing and traveling, I also love movies, video games, music and sports.

My Philosophy:

I believe that in order to best serve my clients I need to understand their business, their target markets and their competition. It is only after this that I can create powerful graphics that catch the eye, is memorable, easily recognizable and connects with both my clients and their customers. My goal is to make my clients happy, successful and be available to help them with anything they may need at anytime. Their success is my success.

My Experience:

I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Since then I worked at a national children's photography company where I served as the both the Marketing Manager and Creative Director for twelve years. During this time I gained vast experience in both Marketing and Design. I directed the art of countless marketing materials and collateral, trade show graphics, variable data direct mail campaigns, logo design and much more. I left the company in 2011 to start my own business and here I am with Mad Rabbit Solutions.