Biker's Choice

Project: Gran Fondo Gallatin Cycling Event
Solution: Logo Design

The owner of a local bicycle shop called on Mad Rabbit Solutions looking for a logo for an upcoming event he was sponsoring in nearby Gallatin, TN.

He had quite a bit of the design elements in mind he wanted to see including the colors and type of logo. He wanted an enclosure similar to a shield with the text underneath making a combo style logo. He also wanted the initials inside the enclosure alongside the Lion's Club logo, who was also sponsoring the event.

With all those elements already set, I just needed to bring the design elements together to make a cohesive, striking logo that fit perfectly for a cycling event. Sport and motion were very important visual elements to portray so I combined the initials and worked arrows into the shape to portray a real sense of road and movement. The text below also plays on this idea.

I designed two versions of this logo for the client, one for a black background and another one for a white background. The colors reverse and a chrome-like finish is present on the black background version while the edges for the white background remained a flat green color.

Gran Fondo Logo on blackGran Fondo on white