G & G Grills, Parts & Accessories

Project: E-Commerce Website
Solution: Website Setup and Design

The good people at G & G Grill Parts & Accessories came to me for a solution to their online store. They sell grills and grill replacement parts from their home in Hartsville, TN. They had been operating a successful online business for several years at the time but they wanted to try a new web provider and store merchant. They wanted a better online store with more accessible support. Mad Rabbit provided them with a solution.

Mad Rabbit is a partner with Volusion web stores and was able to take all their current information including images, data, products, etc. and transfer it to a new web store. The actual design is not a custom design of Mad Rabbit's but it is a template that Volusion provides and makes for a quick turnaround on a web store.

The service that I provided to them is to set everything up including products, look, function, search engine optimization, and support for any problems. They have been with me now for almost two years and the store is doing really well.

For more information on these web stores and what they can do for you, please visit the website process page.