American Academy of Art

Project: Recital Program Design for Live, Love, Dance
Solution: Book Design

This project is a full color 112-page perfect bound book design done for a dance academy in Hendersonville, TN. This was their program for their dance recital in 2013. It profiles every student with photographs of the dancers along with candids from everyday school activities. The dancer profiles are divided up into full pages, half pages, quarter pages and sixth pages.

The theme of the recital was "Live, Love, Dance". The client wanted pictures of recent dance event featured on the cover. The colors for the inside of the book were taken from the dance costumes in the cover; pink, orange, yellow and green. The large graphic logo in the center was designed to work jointly with t-shirts to commemorate this year's recital.

The first three pictures at the top show the books as printed with a uv-coated cover amd perfect-bound. The bottom two images show details of the inside pages and how the theme was carried through the book. Each page was customed designed making a really strong book design. The client was thrilled with the end product and so was I.

LLD Book - Covers StackedLLD Book - Covers StackedLLD Book - Cover DetailLLD Book - Inside Page DetailLLD Book - Cover Detail