Progressive Partnering

Project: Brand Identity for a software partnership
Solution: Logo Design

Progressive Partnering, Inc. is a partnership of eleven (and counting) one-call notification centers across the country. I did this logo to help them to improve on their brand identity. They asked for a definitive symbol that could stand on it own for various applications. They did want not a logo using their initials as many companies do, however the company is ofter referred to as P2 so they wanted to make at least a reference to P2. So, I wanted to subtly incorporate the initials and the p2 element. So, I created a symbol by joining 4 p's together to stand for the first 4 original members of the partnership. The symbol gently hides the initial part of the logo where it is not the focus, but it is still present The small "2" is rotated and only appears on the red "P" so it doesn't overpower the other elements in the symbol.

As with most all logos designed by Mad Rabbit Solutions, there are different versions to account for different background colors in which the logo may be placed. A detailed style guide is also provided with this service.

Primary colors were requested for the logo, so I went with a bright red on a warm dark gray with white accents. I also did a single web page website for Progressive. Check out the P2 web portfolio page to see it as well.

Progressive Partnering LogoProgressive Partnering Logo detailProgressive Partnering Logo no background