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From your most basic flyers to a full advertising campaign, your marketing materials should be visually striking and engaging to your customers. Great graphic design is essential to any successful company from the first time a potential customer looks at a logo, letterhead, flyer or their first visit to your website. The customer's first contact with your company is the most important. People often pass on a company due to their first impression gathered by looking at a logo, brochure, advertisement or website. Great graphic design will at least allow those customers to go a little further in their research to see if they want to do business with you.

Mad Rabbit Solutions delivers fresh and creative designs that get you noticed and effectively communicate your message in today's highly competitive marketplace. We offer any kind of graphic design service whether it is print, web, signage or anything in between. Here is a list of some, but not limited to, of the graphic design services offered:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Letterhead
  3. Flyers
  4. Brochures
  5. Posters
  6. CD Covers
  7. Book Design
  8. Menus
  9. Direct Mail
  10. Web Banners & Graphics
  11. Icons
  12. and much more...

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Graphic design, through whatever medium must communicate the message that you want communicated. Great design is much more than just a cool looking logo or a super-slick brochure. The pieces all need to work together to convey a solid message that you have a wonderful product and the potential customer needs to try it out or come back for more, whichever the case. Mad Rabbit Solutions will be dedicated to getting your design project to that point in the best way possible.

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Brand Identity may not be the clearest term associated with your business. Many people consider their logo as their identity, but it is only a small part of it. Your logo is the mark that identifies your brand in the most simplistic form. Your brand is the emotional image your company displays from the logo to customer service and to even the attire your employees wear. It is the overall thought a person has when your company's name is spoken to them. The identity is all the visual aspects of that brand from colors used, fonts chosen, images used, etc. Mad Rabbit Solutions can help you create or just clarify your brand using brilliant design throughout all your printed materials, websites, signs, social network sites or any other instance where your logo or name appears.

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What is the first impression someone gets when they visit your website? You have only a couple seconds to make a statement and engage your customer. In an instant it's gone. A website has been and still is a potential customer's first contact and impression with a company. An effective, professional and informative website is essential to any successful business. Today, more than ever, your site has to be interesting with attention demanding graphics and smart, carefully chosen copy to appeal to your target market. People spend so much time online these days that they don't have much time to spend on sites that do not interest them.

Progressive Fluid Website The importance of your site's ability to look great and flow consistently on any sort of mobile device is extremely high today and growing every day! More than half the pages viewed in today's world are seen from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet like an ipad. Mad Rabbit will ensure your site is optimized for any device used to view your page by creating fluid, responsive web pages that adjust to each screen size. This means you no longer have to purchase a .com site for computers and a different url such as a .mobi for phones. The pages adjust and look well designed for any device using css. If you are unsure what this means, check out this website on a computer, then look at it on a smartphone or an ipad to see how it responds to each. Another way to see this in action would be to shrink the width of your browser now by selecting the very edge of the window and bringing it inward. You can also check out my portfolio page for more examples.

Mad Rabbit's method to web design:

The beginning of any web design project is the most important. The more work that is done upfront preparing for the new website, the better and smoother the project will go.

Our process begins with a meeting with you, the client and the gathering of information on your wants and needs, tastes, style preferences and the needs of your audience. We would need to determine the goal of the website and how to accomplish that goal. We would need to then research the competitors in your industry and determine the best way to differentiate your company from everyone else.

Once the groundwork is laid out and we know what exactly we need to do, we will "mockup" two or three different web design concepts, if needed, from which you can select your favorite. These mockups will supply the basic look and feel of what the site will look like and how it will function. Everything from the buttons, navigation and page layout will be discussed and decided at this point.

Once the basic style is decided upon, we'll sketch out wireframes of every page noting every link and demonstrating how the pages will flow and how the elements will interact. This will be the base form for the project and most of the revision work will come from this document before any actual building is done. Any copy, images or other pertinent data will need to be completed at this point before the actual building begins.

Once the wireframes are approved, the design will start. We will follow the wireframes closely and every page and element discussed and signed off from earlier will be carefully built and applied to actual web pages. This part will of course take a little time and once we are thrilled with the final result, it will be presented to you and go through the final revision stage.

Next, the site will be put into a testing server so any bugs or other changes can be applied. Once everyone is happy and ready to go, your new site will be launched on your designated server for all the world to see!

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Let Mad Rabbit Solutions build your superior ecommerce website.

Whether you want to start a new business using an online store or you just want a better solution for your current commerce website, Mad Rabbit can get you up and selling quickly and painlessly.

Here are some tools that will make selling online easier than ever:

  1. Merchandising
    1. Free, ready-to-use design templates ( with or without customization )
    2. Showcase your products with vZoom ™ - innovative zoom tool showing shoppers the finest details of any product image.
    3. Unlimited product options
    4. Product comparison
    5. Soft add to cart - quick pop-up of all the items in their cart without leaving the page.
    6. Integrated one-page checkout
    7. Unlimited product photos
  2. Marketing
    1. Daily deals
    2. Get found in search engines
    3. eBay seamless integration
    4. Coupons and discount capabilities
  3. Social and Mobile
    1. Sell your products on Facebook
    2. Post directly to Twitter and Facebook
    3. Manage YouTube videos
    4. Customers can like, tweet & pin instantly
    5. Reach customers on the go with a mobile-optimized version
  4. Management
    1. Built-in inventory management
    2. Process orders quickly
    3. Real-time performance data and reporting
  5. Security
    1. PCI certified to protect your business
    2. Controlled access to your store - you say who has access to what areas
    3. 99.9% uptime guarantee
    4. Best-in-class hosting technology
  6. Support
    1. 24x7 support
    2. Excellent tips and training resources
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